Last-mile parcel delivery with the full-electric Stint Cargo

Efficient and environment-friendly. The Stint Cargo is a light electric vehicle designed for distribution of goods in the last mile. With a range of 42-84 km, the battery has enough power for a day’s work. The small size of approx. 2,4 meters long makes it efficient in traffic and is easy to park on the sidewalk.

The Stint Cargo has a payload of 250 kg, a WLTP-range of 42-84 km, and a maximum speed of 20 km/h. The driver sits on the driver seat looking over the cargo area in front of him. The cargo area is sufficiently low for the driver to have a clear line of sight on the road. This increases safety for all road users. Moreover, the back of the Stint is open, allowing the driver to quickly get on and off the Stint. This makes the Stint ideal for activities that require many stops.

Equipped with gullwing doors, the Stint Cargo offers quick and easy access to the 1,2 m³ cargo space. The doors can be opened on both sides. These doors are convenient in narrow urban areas, where a traditional door would block the street. The Stint is also equipped with a convenient keyless access and keyless drive system. Within a range of 3 meters, the driver has keyless access to the storage area. A timesaver during routes with many stops.

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