Stint Cargo in Municipality of Rotterdam to clean up litter

In the fight against litter, five Cargo Stints are on the road in Rotterdam. Municipal employees can use these compact and maneuverable Stints to quickly clean hard-to-reach areas. Rotterdam is the first municipality in the Netherlands to use the Stint Cargo for city cleaning.

Divided across the city, five additional teams of cleaners ride the Stints. Teams ride in all areas. With the Stints, cleaners are quickly on location in busy areas to resolve (emergency) reports of litter.

Direct action on reports

The “Super Fast Clean” teams drive around town cleaning up what they find. In addition, they respond immediately to reports from Rotterdam residents.

Quickly cleaned up

According to Alderman Vincent Karremans, the city is getting a lot cleaner thanks to the new cleaning teams. ‘Litter should be prevented as much as possible. It does not look nice and is bad for people, animals and the environment,” Karremans said. ‘It also attracts other dirt, because in a clean street people are less likely to throw something on the ground. With these quick clean-up teams, litter is cleaned up quickly and we keep the city a lot cleaner.


Photo by: Frank de Roo