Custom Stint Cargo for maintenance work

Several years ago, Heijmans had the idea of developing a small electric vehicle to carry out maintenance work on the university campus in Eindhoven. Heijmans approached us to think along with their idea and to design a purpose-built vehicle for this process. We came in contact with Brover who specializes in commercial vehicle fittings. And together, we developed a Stint with adapted commercial vehicle equipment, custom made for maintenance work on campus.

On the pedestrianized campus, using the small Stint made more sense than using a large maintenance van. The mechanic could be on site faster and park easily on the pavement. And everyone knows the benefits of driving electric.

This was a great project and we have worked with Brover many times since then to design commercial vehicle equipment for the Stint Cargo or Stint Pickup. The new Stint vehicles are almost ready for launch (expectation February) in Europe and we will be happy to think along and implement the Stints in your business process.