Stint Pickup for city cleaning

We love to read that the Stints really add value and that employees enjoy driving them. Ludo from Almere Works! is one of the people driving the Stint.

“I love working in city cleaning. I am happy when I’m assigned to the Stint in my work schedule. The Stint really adds something to my work. I enjoy driving it around the city,” Ludo says.

Ludo empties all wastebaskets in Almere Center, including those in the public underground bicycle parking. That’s a total of 790 bins, including 40 hotspot bins. Hotspot bins he empties sometimes twice a day. The cargo area of the Stint fits about 25 rubbish bags. When it is full, he drives back to the support centre to drop off the rubbish bags. “We are all one team, together we make sure the city stays clean,” he says.

Read the full story of Ludo (in Dutch) here: