Leasing from € 375,-

Why buy a vehicle when you can have a flexible all-in leasing option? In collaboration with our long-standing partner Friesland Lease, we created Full Operational Lease options. The Stint Cargo can be ordered with 60-months Full Operational Lease from € 375,- per month (42 km range) or from € 400,- per month (84 km range).

These prices are possible because our partners and ourselves believe strongly in the Stint vehicles. Our brand Stint Urban Mobility has been delivering Stints since 2011 and has a track record of over 10 million kilometers driven. That is about 12 years of:

–       Gaining insight in common service issues and improving the vehicle design accordingly.
–       Understanding which damages are common and avoidable.
–       Preventing damages by offering Stint driver training.
–       Creating insurance policies for different sectors.
–       Offering continued mobility

It is time we took our National product to the European market through the Mobilitum brand and we are excited to continue our partnership with Friesland Lease!

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