Stint as a Service

Did you know? Mobilitum is technically a startup company, but we have almost 12 years’ of experience in the light electric vehicle (LEV) industry. Our brand Stint Urban Mobility in The Netherlands operates since 2011 and has manufactured over 5000 units so far! This includes the vehicle brands: Stint and TRIPL . But we are far from done.

We provide mobility. We design and develop light electric vehicles. And after delivery, we’ll make sure you can keep driving.

In order to pull this off, our vehicles come with many services. Or as we like to call it: Stint as a Service.

  • FULL SERVICE: repairs done within 24 hours or a replacement vehicle.
  • LEASING OPTIONS: mobility membership with a flexible month-to-month subscription and after 5 years you will receive another vehicle in mint condition.
  • MAINTENANCE: scheduled yearly maintenance.
  • DRIVER TRAINING: online e-learning and practical training (optional for EU models).
  • INSURANCE: to cover the vehicle itself and third-party liability.
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